About Us

Makrom Men’s fashion wholesale & retailer was first established in 1992 by 5 Brothers, all with their own expertise in building a high quality brand with family values imbedded in every product which is manufactured.

Our factory based in Istanbul looks to build communities within the fashion industry and give young fashion designer/graduates the opportunity to express themselves within a work place, pushing boundaries and creating designs.

Our most valuable currency is the quality which we do not compromise in our products; we inspect everything to make sure that the smallest details are perfected; this can be seen in each product which is selected by us.

We are constantly striving to bring the best designs and latest trends in the industry with over a 100 different Shirts, Suits, Blazer’s, Chinos, Wedding Suits, T-shirts, Formal & Casual Wear, a lack of choice will definitely not be something we are short off.

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