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Floral Blazer

As, we have many floral blazer options for both women and men. Men are at least as interested in this style of clothing as ladies.

You can wear a women's jacket with almost anything. A jacket of the right style and color can be worn with a strict office suit, a feminine dress, and ripped jeans.

Men can also buy a floral blazer that suits them, and they can be dressed in harmony with many different dress patterns.

Of course, you need to wear a floral blazer correctly. You should not wear a colorful jacket and the same colorful trousers: 2 different patterns will “clog” each other and will look to "over the top".

There is another rule that stylists use when choosing floral blazer. In the summer, it is more appropriate to wear a floral blazer in pastel colors, while in winter and autumn the floral blazer prints can be bright and large. With blazers, buy from, you can have a suitable style of clothing every season.

Dress code and office-style clothing imply austerity of forms and muted colors. But you can wear a floral blazer in the office, the main thing is to choose the right mode & color. To work in a company with strict rules, a straight or fitted jacket is suitable, the color of which can be chosen to your liking. It does not have to be blue, gray or burgundy, light pastel shades are also allowed, and a white summer jacket has completely become an office classic.

If the floral blazer is selected in dark colors, then for contrast, you can wear a light shirt. A dark, strict top will cover a bright T-shirt or short-sleeved T-shirt, and the image will remain as office-like. It is desirable that the color of the shirt matches the color of the jacket.

With the help of the above information, you can create a compatible combination with all the accessories available in our store.

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