Shirt Collar Types

We have prepared a guide for you where you can find answers to questions such as what a double collar shirt is and how to choose a shirt collar. Now let's examine this guide in detail together.

For example, a man with a long and narrow face should prefer a wide collar model, while men with a round face should prefer long collar shirts. To secure the correct collar size, you must be able to place a finger between the collar and neck after closing the collar button. In addition, it is recommended that the triangular baleen located inside the ends of the collar are not removed so that the model can stand upright and of high quality. This also allows you to get a neat look when you tie a tie. Finally, it is recommended that you complete your preferred combinations with a wide tie that will be proportional.

Shirt Collar Models

It is useful to know the shirt collar options, which show slight changes in appearance for different reasons, to complete your combinations completely. Flat collar, round collar, horse collar, buttoned collar, striped collar. These are just a few of the options. After studying and learning all of them, you can consciously choose your shirt collar.

Plain Shirt Collar

There's no way you haven't seen this collar alternative. The preference of two out of three men is a straight collar on shirts. In this style, which we can call the classic shirt model, it will be enough for you to check the appropriate collar width with the formula described above.

Round Shirt Collar

We should say that this model, which is called” Round collar", which is a round collar in Turkish, is impressive in terms of style, although its use is less common in our country.

Judge Collar

Dominant collar shirt models, also called collarless or zero collars, exhibit posture without folding upright. In such pieces, a tie, bow tie is not worn.

Buttoned Collar

It is a model that is not suitable for wearing a tie and bow tie in the same way as a judge collar. You can also wear this shirt collar model, which is often preferred for daily sports elegance, into a blazer jacket or knitwear cardigan, sweaters with a V-neck. The type of this model that combines two collars with a ribbon is called a ribbon collar. It is considered appropriate to be used together with a tie.

Pin Collar

One of the most trending pieces of menswear fashion is the needled shirt collar. In this style, which has the coolest look among the collar types in men's shirt models, the two ends are attached with the help of a needle. She is also known as a model, especially in the styles of domestic and foreign famous men and we have encountered recently on the red carpet.

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