Peaky Blinders Fancy Dress
Peaky blinders fancy dress, If you want to look like one of the dapper gangsters from Birmingham, here's everything you need to know. For the men, a Peaky Blinders outfit consists of a flat cap, a tweed jacket, a white shirt, a knitted tie, and trousers. You can find all of these items at a costume or department store.


It’s not just the hair and the hats that make the Peaky Blinders so stylish. It’s also the clothes! You can channel your inner Shelby with some stylish Peaky Blinders fancy dress.

For the men, a sharp suit is the way to go. A three-piece suit in black or grey is perfect, and add a waistcoat for an extra touch of style. A white shirt and a tie are also essential. For the finishing touch, put on a flat cap or a newsboy cap.

No matter what your age, gender or size, there’s a perfect Peaky Blinders fancy dress outfit for you. So get your gang together and get dressed up for a night of stylish fun! 

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