How To Design A Mens Fashion Shirt?

How To Design A Mens Fashion Shirt?

Fashion printed slim fit shirt models fit your body with cotton and linen fabric structures, allowing you to show off your gorgeous physique. We also recommend that you combine slim-fit printed shirt models with fabric pants, which have many color options.

How To Iron Mens Fashion Shirt

Especially for those who have serious problems with printed shirts, the most important ironing tactic is to iron the shirt starting from the sleeve. When you iron places other than the sleeve on printed shirts, and the last time you come to the sleeve, you will see that the entire iron is broken. The solution to this is to make the Iron starting from the arm.

When making an arm iron, you must start with the shirt mouth.

If the Iron starting from the arm has traces on the shirt sleeves, it is necessary to iron them so that they do not disappear. In this way, arm marks are given and you do not spoil the stylish appearance.

After the sleeve is completed, the collar, the front, and the back of the last shirt are ironed, respectively.

Makrom Men's & Women's Fashion Shirt Combinations

As one of the most popular menswear brands in Turkey, you can create stylish combinations with printed shirt models that you can buy from Makrom men's & women's fashion, which provides customer satisfaction one hundred percent. Accordingly, if you need ideas about creating a combination in a classic or sports style, you can take a look at the combination suggestions that we have compiled specifically for you.

Classic Combinareferences

In the classic combination suggestions that you can make with Makrom men's & women's Fashion brand printed shirt models, we can first talk about slim fit and patterned shirt models. You can choose these shirt models with dark fabric pants and make a great look in the middle. If you want to get a weaker and sexier look with Slim fit shirt models, you can also turn to dark gray and black weighted shirt models instead of shirt colors such as a white shirt and light gray. If you want to create a classic combination with shirts that you can buy from Makrom men's & women's fashion, straight cut classic shirts will be one of your biggest helpers. In addition to fabric pants, you can combine these shirt models that you can choose for casual wear with linen pants and you can mobilize your clothing with small details such as a watch or tie.

Combi Sport Suggestions

With the printed shirt models offered by Makrom men's & women's fashion, you can create not only classic combinations but also sports combinations. For this reason, it will be more than enough to wear slim-fit shirt models along with your jeans and wear a stylish sports watch as an accessory. For the combination of a different sport, you can choose a simple sneaker with shabby and ripped jeans under printed flat classic shirt models. It will allow you to capture a very contrary and original style.

Makrom Men's & Women's Fashion Shirt Campaigns

If you are wondering where you can buy the most affordable Makrom men's & women's fashion shirts after a few combination suggestions you can make with Makrom men's & women's Fashion brand printed shirt models, we recommend you visit the official website of Makrom men's & women's fashion. Because thanks to the printed shirt campaigns of Makrom men's & women's fashion, which are often held on the official website, you can have very attractive prices for printed shirts of the Makrom men's & women's Fashion brand of your dreams. On the official website of Makrom men's & women's fashion, you also have the privileges to use different features such as fast shipping, payment facilities at the door, and easy exchange operations.

What Should Be Considered When Washing Printed Shirts?

       When washing printed shirts, turning the T-shirt upside down will prevent damage to your prints, thus giving you long-term use.

       If you bought your shirt for the first time, you can gently iron it by putting cardboard on the inside of the T-shirt after turning it over again. Then let the T-shirt cool. If you wash it when it's hot, you'll damage the pressure.

       It is very important to pay attention to the separation of colors. By doing this, you prevent the colors that can flow from mixing.

       Bleach is sometimes used for white laundry. If you use your underwear without separating the colors, it can result in frustration.

       Short programs and low temperatures are essential for shirts. Otherwise, you may encounter shirts that have shrunk and become depressed.

       Dry cleaning is not much preferred, as heat vision can damage the T-shirt.

       It will be effective to use the right amount of detergent, not to use too much detergent.

       Hanging for drying immediately after washing will be an effective method. So you can protect your shirt from deep wrinkles. Even another little tip from us. A small-scale correction with your hand when your T-shirt is wet, ironing will also greatly meet the need for ironing your shirt after it is dry. Of course, it may vary depending on the fabric, keep in mind.

       Hanging shirts from the neck can stretch your shirt. If you prefer to dry by hanging on the hanger, hangers with hooks around the edges will prevent your shirt from stretching and damaging the pressure as the right choice.

       Ironing will be a necessary step to protect your pressure by turning it upside down when ironing is needed. If you do not want to do this, you can also prevent the print from being exposed to excessive heat by putting fabric on the print. Some shirts are also bolder at ironing and can afford the heat. But we still recommend protecting your favorite printed shirt.

       However, dry cleaning or drum drying (tumble dryer) on the label is usually in the category of not to be used on T-shirt labels. Don't forget to consider that.

       The extra tightening feature of your machine can damage the pressure of your shirt. Prefer not to use it.