What Type Of Shirt Should Be Worn Where

What Type Of Shirt Should Be Worn Where

Men's Print Shirts 

Print shirt's Blending elegance with style, the shirts are among the most important parts of the wardrobe of men who care about their appearance. In the selection of shirts that adapt to every situation and every environment with the right preferences, it is necessary to pay attention to some subtle rules. Shirts, which are one of the indispensable preferences of the office environment, special invitations, and everyday elegance, should be used in the right place with the right combinations. By learning the golden rules of shirt selection, you can make preferences that match your style.

What Type Of Shirt Should Be Worn Where?

It is possible to divide the shirts into three according to the places and styles they will be worn: classic shirts, casual shirts, and ceremony shirts...

Classic men's shirts stand out as indispensable for special days and invitations, as they can be preferred in business life, in environments that require seriousness, such as meetings. As a tie is usually used together with classic shirts, one of the types of collars such as classic collars, small collars, pointed collars, half Italian or full Italian collars should be preferred. It is also important that the collar of the shirt is selected in such a way that it matches the structure of the jacket to be combined with the shirt. For example, if the collar of the jacket you are going to wear is narrow, a shirt with a small collar and a thin tie make you look stylish.

Casual men's shirts stand out as types of shirts that can be preferred by men who work in everyday life or in an office environment where there is no need for Suits. This type of shirt can be worn with jeans or canvas pants. Casual men's shirts have many models, such as button collar, classic collar, Italian collar, and judge collar. Casual shirts are made of plain, striped, plaid fabrics and offer quite a lot of model alternatives including print shirt designs.

Ceremony men's shirts are more known as the preferred shirt models on special occasions. Ceremony shirts used in weddings, proms, special invitations are used in collar models such as horse collars, classic collars. Ceremony shirt models, which can be produced with flat, bright, and patterned fabrics, are combined with classic suits or tuxedos. High-quality shirt models suitable for all types of combined and style are offered with the signature of Makrom men's & women's Fashion.

Which Shirt Should Be Chosen According To Which Body Type?

Attention to detail when choosing a shirt shows that you have a subtle taste. Choosing a shirt that suits your body type is the signature of your elegance. So, what should be considered when choosing shirts according to body type?

·         The trick to choosing a good shirt is that the model you choose is compatible with your size. You can't provide the elegance you want with too baggy or too tight shirts.

·         Shirt sleeve length should be half the length of the cuff visible from under the jacket sleeve.

·         The golden rule of collar size is as follows; when the top button is buttoned, there must be enough distance between the collar and neck to enter a finger.

·         Short and massed men should stay away from transversely striped shirt models. Men with tall and thin bodies should avoid longitudinally striped shirts.

How To Choose A Tuxedo Shirt?

Although Black is usually preferred for tuxedos, which are a classic of special days, white tuxedos are also very popular in recent years. The jacket length of the tuxedo is shorter than the suits, and the collars are made of satin fabric. The main accessory of the tuxedo is, of course, the bow tie. When buying a tuxedo, the most confusing question is the choice of shirt. Along with tuxedos, usually ceremony men's shirt models are used. Pleated shirts are among the most preferred shirts in tuxedos. If you don't like a pleated shirt, you can choose a white shirt or a white embroidered shirt if you want to be able to evaluate the shirt you bought with other suits.

How To Combine Slim Fit Shirts?

Men's shirts with narrow cuts and narrow mouldings that fit exactly on the body are called slim fit Shirts. This shirt pattern, which is preferred by men with high novelties and a fit body shape, is not recommended for men with excess weight around the waist. It is necessary to combine Slim fit shirts with slim-fit jackets and pants. For example, wearing a slim-fit sweater over a slim-fit shirt in winter is an extremely trending image. A classic cut shirt is not recommended if it is into a Slim fit suit. A slim-fit shirt must be preferred to complete the elegance of the narrow-cut suit. In addition to suits, a slim-fit print shirt combined with classic cut jeans guarantees a stylish and sporty look.