Dinner Shirts

Dinner Shirts

Dinner Shirt

Dinner shirts are elegant shirts that people use for special occasions such as Ball’s or Parties. Elegant combinations can be created with dinner shirts and Dinner Jackets which should be available in every man's wardrobe. The special bow-tie shirt can make a world of difference in events such as formal or business dinners & wedding parties. The wing collar allows the user to choose a Bowtie of their choice, this allows the user to match accessories with their shirts whether it be cufflinks or pocket squares. Generally most Dinner shirts are plain white as this provides a dapper look when combined with a tuxedo suit. 

Combination suggestions with Dinner Shirts

With Makrom Dinner shirts, you can create stylish combination from our collections. Our first recommendation would be with a smart plain three piece suit, ideal for prom, business dinners and special occasions. You can choose one of four colours to match each suit, whether it is the blue dinner shirt with a Navy three piece suit or a classic black. Our second recommendation would be a more formal velvet blazer with matching or contrasting colour trousers to give a dazzling elegant look, with one of 4 different colour Dinner shirts to match.

Makrom Quality in Dinner Shirts

We talked about how important Dinner shirts are for men and what kind of stylish combinations you can create with dinner shirts. We understand the importance of providing a classic shirt which can be worn to many important events. This is why here at Makrom we have created a style, not only helping with matching colour combinations but have gone the extra mile with matching buttons, cufflinks, bowtie and wing collar tip’s. Offering a shirt which truly shows character in an already overcrowded field, making sure the quality and class truly stand out when wearing your Makrom Dinner Shirt.