Types of Collar on Shirts

Types of Collar on Shirts

Double Collar Shirts

Some shirts are produced in the form of double collars instead of single collars. These shirts are called double collar shirts. In this respect, double collar shirts are quite different from single collar shirts. In addition to these, there are also varieties of double collar shirts. So, what are these varieties? 

Types Of Double Collar Shirts

Today, there are many shirt collars that are produced differently and offered for sale. Almost all of the shirt collars in question are produced in the form of a single collar. So, what are the types of collars in question? 

Double Straight Cuff Shirts

The flat collar is among the most preferred shirt types. There is also a single collar and double collar option on flat collars, which are the type of collars in which the collar length and the collar opening are equal to each other.

Double Round Collar

Single round collars, as the name implies, are shirts in which the collar part is round. Although it is not much preferred today, a small cut round collar shirts still continue to wear.

Buttoned Collar

One of the types of Double collar shirts, buttoned collars can be used frequently in both sports and classic shirts. You can have a very stylish look by choosing button collars that have a very stylish appearance. Buttoned collars are generally preferred with double collar shirts.

Pin Collar

The pin collar is also included among the double collar shirts. The pin shirts in question are the type of collar that has the most stylish appearance among the double collar shirts. With a distinctive and stylish appearance, the pin captures make individuals look quite different.

You can also create stylish combines by choosing the best collars for yourself from the above collars.